REMEMBER THIS: The people and institutions that caused the 'Financial Crisis' are still in place.

Weekly Address: Creating New Pathways of Opportunity for Americans Like You

Jon addresses a shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church
 in Charleston, S.C., that took the lives of nine parishioners.

A bunch of skeletons kiss, hug, and dance in front of a crowd ... to make an excellent point about love. Also, it's not scary, we promise.

Posted by Upworthy on Monday, March 2, 2015
Mission Statement
Political Scrutiny 101’s mission is to support progressive champions. We accomplish this by identifying and recruiting the best progressive leaders to run for office; supporting their candidacies; prioritizing bringing new people into the political process at all levels.

Economic Justice: Prosperity should be accessible to everyone, not merely the few....
Civil Rights: Every individual's civil rights must be protected; discrimination and harassment based    on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical and developmental ability should be
Health Care: Every individual should have affordable, quality health care.
Education: It is essential that we invest in quality public education for all.
Environment: We must commit to restoring and protecting our environment.
Reproductive Freedom: Women and men - not politicians - deserve the right to make personal decisions about their reproductive health in accordance with their own personal and moral beliefs.


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Defining the Roberts Court’s Legacy: The 2014-2015 Supreme Court Docket

Americans have watched this Court upend decades-old precedent on voting rights, abortion access, workplace discrimination, religious liberties, and forced arbitration.

This year will be a test for the Court. Will it help everyday Americans or continue on its path of judicial overreach that has undermined the civil rights of consumers, racial minorities, and women?

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Who Police Killed In 2014
In the months since Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, demonstrators have marched, set up street blockades, shut down highways, and faced off against the very police officers they want brought to justice.

List of who police killed in 2014 here:

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