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The White House (The White House)
Weekly Address: (Aug 16, 2014)
The White House (The White House)
Mission Statement
Political Scrutiny 101’s mission is to support progressive champions. We accomplish this by identifying and recruiting the best progressive leaders to run for office; supporting their candidacies; prioritizing bringing new people into the political process at all levels.

Economic Justice: Prosperity should be accessible to everyone, not merely the few....
Civil Rights: Every individual's civil rights must be protected; discrimination and harassment based     on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical and developmental ability should be banned.
Health Care: Every individual should have affordable, quality health care.
Education: It is essential that we invest in quality public education for all.
Environment: We must commit to restoring and protecting our environment.
Reproductive Freedom: Women and men - not politicians - deserve the right to make personal decisions about their reproductive health in accordance with their own personal and moral beliefs.


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Ferguson MO

Portrait of a protester in Ferguson, Missouri

Proposed new social studies textbooks complain about high taxes, downplay segregation

Rachel Maddow 09/11/14

US aerial bombing campaign expands with ISIS mission




Author Rebecca Skloot "makes a remarkable debut with this multilayered story about faith, science, journalism, and grace."

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WAR IN THE WEST The Bundy Ranch Standoff and American Radical Right

The standoff between federal agents and armed supporters of a Nevada rancher earlier this year was a highly coordinated effort by far-right militiamen that has since energized volatile extremists who are increasingly targeting law enforcement officers, according to a new SPLC report released today.

“The Bundy ranch standoff wasn’t a spontaneous response to Cliven Bundy’s predicament but rather a well-organized, military-type action that reflects the potential for violence from a much larger and more dangerous movement,” said Mark Potok, senior fellow in the SPLC’s Intelligence Project. “This incident may have faded from public view, but if our government doesn’t pay attention, we will be caught off guard as much as the Bureau of Land Management was that day.”

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Common Sense

This essay is dedicated to the Pledge of Allegiance & The Year-Round Meaning of The Fourth of July.

"It is not about big government or small government. It's about uncorrupt government"

It's about being an American.

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